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Reorganizing things

Phew, I finally got the first chapter of my Bluewater Village story posted yesterday. (if you missed it, you can read it here.)

I created a separate community journal for it, because I've had this one for a long time and can't seem to keep any sort of order here, with the conglommeration of legacies, downloads, and stories I've been posting.

If you want to follow "Royal Purple", watch the community bluewater_218. I`ll be posting teasers, outtakes, drabbles, and anything else relating to the story over there. I`ll probably keep posting chapter links here, though.

I haven`t made any new CC sets worth sharing lately, though I have a few unfinished projects sitting around. All CC will be posted to my dreamwidth creations journal, here. Again, I'll probably keep posting links to posts there from here.

This journal will mainly be used for, as I said, posting links to other places, posting drabbles about random RL stuff, and if I ever get back to the pixel_trade legacy, it will be posted here, too. :)